Comments on Reliability Demand Response Resource Bidding Enhancements Track 1 - draft tariff

Reliability demand response resource bidding enhancements

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Feb 25, 03:00 pm - Mar 07, 05:00 pm
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Southern California Edison
Submitted 03/07/2022, 11:13 am


John Diep (

1. Provide a summary of your organization’s comments on the track 1 draft tariff language:

SCE appreciates the opportunity to comment on the CAISO’s Reliability Demand Response Resource Bidding Enhancements (RDRRBE) Phase 1 – Tariff Language.  SCE does not have any comments related to draft tariff language.  However, SCE is looking forward to discussions and details on how FERC Order No. 831 is applied to the Day-Ahead market.  

SCE understands that the proposed rule for bidding RDRRs in the Day-Ahead market up to $2,000/MwH may be limited and requires cost justification like other traditional resources.   SCE is requesting CAISO facilitate discussions with stakeholders for developing requirements and processes for the cost justification of Reliability Demand Response Resources and Proxy Demand Resources.   

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