Comments on Draft Tariff Language - Aggregate Constraint Capability for Co-Located Resources

Hybrid resources

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Pacific Gas & Electric
Submitted 05/06/2021, 04:45 pm


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PG&E applauds the CAISO staff for their work on the Hybrid Resources Initiative and offers the below brief comments on the draft tariff language related to the Aggregate Capability Constraint (ACC) for co-located resources.

PG&E has concerns on how the ACC would be implemented in the case of a co-located resource with multiple resources being scheduled by different scheduling coordinators (SC).  PG&E requests the CAISO clarify what would happen if one SC violates the interconnection limit and so causes changes to the Pmax values of co-located resources.   

PG&E also requests that the CAISO clarify how much of an exceedance above the interconnection limit, or for how long, would result in the CAISO adjusting the PMaxes of those Co-Located Resources in the event that their output would exceed the Interconnection limit.  PG&E would appreciate better understanding how CAISO intends to handle these situations.

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