Flexible capacity needs assessment - 2025

Started: Dec 13, 2023

Hong Zhou
Amber Motley

The ISO performs an annual study to identify the flexible capacity needed on the ISO system, which guides flexible resource adequacy procurement for each year. The study process includes gathering stakeholder input on the criteria, methodology and assumptions used to build the assessment. Then, based on the study results, load serving entities receive an allocation of the total flexible capacity required.


Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
May 13, 2024 Final assessment posted


Final documents

Final 2025 Availability Assessment Hours

Flexible Capacity Needs Assessment Final 2025

Web meeting

Presentation - Draft 2025 Flexibility Capacity Needs Assessment - Apr 15, 2024

Draft Flexible Capacity Needs Assessment 2025

Web meeting

Presentation - 2025 Flexible Capacity Needs Assessment - Feb 12, 2024

2025 Flexible Capacity Requirement Assessment Data Request Template

Flexible Capacity Requirement Assessment Survey FAQ