Subscriber participating transmission owner model

Started: Jan 11, 2023

Debi Le Vine

The ISO is developing an opportunity for developers to deliver generation to California without increasing the Transmission Access Charge (“TAC”) and without picking the winner by selecting a project in the Transmission Planning Process (“TPP”). The ISO intends to implement the Subscriber Participating Transmission Owner model as a win-win arrangement versus trying to extract value from those paying for the line for the benefit of the ISO’s existing ratepayers. This model allows the potential off takers/California load serving entities to make their own economic decisions with respect to which out-of-state generation projects to contract with, while the ISO would continue to exercise its existing tariff authority and utilize its supporting software systems to implement a new protocol.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Apr 11, 2023 Draft final proposal posting
Apr 18, 2023 Meeting
May 02, 2023 Comments due
May 15, 2023 Final proposal and draft tariff language posting
May 22, 2023 Meeting
Jun 05, 2023 Comments due
Jul 18-19 2023 Board of Governors meeting


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