Real-time settlement review

Started: Aug 13, 2020

James Friedrich

The scope of this initiative is to identify and address any inappropriate cost shifting that may be occurring in ISO’s real-time market between the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) balancing authority areas. This initiative is intended to fulfill the commitment the ISO made during the Real-Time Market Neutrality Settlement initiative to more comprehensively review real-time market settlements to identify any remaining inappropriate cost shifting.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Oct 21, 2020 Draft final proposal posted
Apr 30, 2021 FERC approval in part/rejection in part (ER21-955)
Mar 25, 2021 Amendment to filing (ER21-955)
Jan 27, 2021 Tariff amendment filing (ER21-955)
Dec 17, 2020 Board of Governors approval
Dec 02, 2020 EIM Governing Body approval (settlement rule changes)
Phase 2:
Nov 01, 2021 Deployment
Nov 2021 Activation

Phase 1:
May 01, 2021 Deployment
May 2021 Activation
Implementation milestones


Training Phase 2

Presentation - Real-Time Settlements Review Phase 2

Notice of Decisional Classification - Real-Time Settlements Review

Web meeting

Revised Draft Tariff Language - Real-Time Settlement Review

Draft Tariff Language - Real-Time Settlement Review

Web meeting

Presentation - Real-Time Settlement Review Draft Final Proposal - Oct 28, 2020

Draft Final Proposal - Real-Time Settlement Review

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Web meeting

Example - Real-Time Settlement Review - Unaccounted for Energy Settlement

Web meeting

Issue Paper and Straw Proposal - Real-Time Settlement Review

Presentation - Real-Time Settlement Review

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