Western EIM base schedule submission deadline

Started: Sep 23, 2020

Daniel Johnson

This initiative will examine moving the final base schedule submission for the operating hour to T-30. Current financially binding base schedules are finalized at T-40. This later submission deadline will ideally increase market efficiency due to more accurate modeling of physical flows in the 15-minute market. In this same initiative the ISO is also proposing to examine updating tariff rules and market system to allow for base schedules to include energy below a resources minimum load. This proposed modification will allow entities to more accurately capture the startup energy.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Oct 30, 2020* Draft final proposal
Nov 06, 2020* Meeting
Nov 18, 2020* Comments due
Dec 02, 2020 Western EIM Governing Body
Dec 16-17, 2020 ISO Board of Governors