Storage bid cost recovery and default energy bids enhancements

Started: Jun 27, 2024

Sergio Dueñas-Melendez

This intitiative will focus on revising Bid-Cost Recovery (BCR) provisions as they apply to energy storage in standalone and co-located configurations. In addition, this initiative will explore means to enhance the approximation of opportunity costs within the Default Energy Bids applicable to energy storage assets, as well as developing a Default Energy Bid applicable to hybrid resources.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Track 1
Jul 26, 2024* Issue paper and straw proposal posting
Aug 05, 2024* Meeting
Aug 08, 2024* Comments due
Aug 14, 2024* Draft final proposal posting
Aug 19, 2024* Meeting
Aug 23, 2024* Comments due
Aug 30, 2024* Final proposal posting
Sep 06, 2024* Comments due
Sep 26, 2024* Joint Board of Governors and WEM Governing Body meeting