Greenhouse gas coordination working group

Started: Jul 14, 2023

Sylvie Spewak
Anja Gilbert

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Coordination working group stakeholder process focuses on developing durable electricity market solutions for climate policies across the West.

The working group structure aims to give stakeholders a more active role in forming problem statements, identifying potential areas for analysis and supporting data, and scoping necessary market rule changes. Working group discussions will help inform the scope of a formal stakeholder initiative.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Sep 27, 2023 Comments due
Oct 19, 2023* Working group
Nov 02, 2023* Comments due


Web meeting

Working Group Summary - September 13, 2023:
During the September 13 working group discussion, the facilitator led stakeholders through an exercise to familiarize the group with the process of problem statement development. The group identified ways to clarify, inform, and evaluate potential problems based on a selection of prior stakeholder commentary. The discussion highlighted how defining a problem will help develop analysis to identify what issues should be prioritized to move forward to the policy development phase of the stakeholder process. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit their own draft problem statements using the discussed framework for the group’s consideration, which includes identifying a root cause in terms of policy/process, reflecting possible tradeoffs with principles, and illustrating how the problem has a measurable impact on market outcomes. The GHG Coordination principles will continue to evolve and be developed throughout the working groups as they serve as a reference for initial problem statement development.

Presentation - GHG Coordination Working Group - Sep 13, 2023

Discussion Paper - GHG Coordination Working Group - Sep 12, 2023

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Hybrid meeting

Presentation - GHG Coordination Working Group - Aug 16, 2023

Discussion Paper - Greenhouse Gas Coordination Working Groups

Polling Results - GHG Coordination Working Group - Aug 16, 2023

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