Rules of conduct enhancements

Started: May 23, 2023

Dinesh Das Gupta

This initiative aims to enhance rules of conduct processes and penalties, while continuing to deter non-compliance. The initiative is comprised of at least two tracks. The first track will address meter data penalties and urgent topics that call for a streamlined stakeholder process. The second track will examine other potential enhancements and benefit from deeper stakeholder engagement.  


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Track 1
Jun 07, 2023 Workshop
Jun 15, 2023 Comments due
Jul 5, 2023* Straw proposal posting
Jul 13, 2023* Meeting
Jul 19, 2023* Comments due
Aug 01, 2023* Draft final proposal posting
Sep 20, 2023* Board of Governors meeting
Track 1: Dec 2023
Implementation milestones


Web meeting

Presentation - Rules of Conduct Enhancements - Jun 7, 2023