Extended day-ahead market

Started: Oct 03, 2019

Don Tretheway

This initiative will develop an approach to extend participation in the day-ahead market to the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) entities in a framework similar to the existing EIM approach for the real-time market, rather than requiring full integration into the California ISO balancing area. The extended day-ahead market (EDAM) will improve market efficiency by integrating renewable resources using day-ahead unit commitment and scheduling across a larger area.


Proposal Development Decision Implementation Completed/Closed
Schedule to be determined


Web meeting

Day 2 of a two-day meeting. Materials for this meeting are available under the July 27 meeting activity below.

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Web meeting

This is Day 1 of a two-day meeting. Day 2 meeting is on July 29.

Presentation - Extended Day-Ahead Market Bundle 1 Straw Proposal Meeting - Jul 27-29, 2020

Examples - Transfer Revenue and ITC Congestion Revenue

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Web meeting

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In-person meeting

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Web meeting

Presentation - Extended Day-Ahead Market Enhancements - Oct 17, 2019

Issue Paper - Extended Day-Ahead Market

Web meeting

Presentation - Extended Day-Ahead Market Feasibility Assessment Update from EIM Entities - Oct 3, 2019

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